See Pretoria from 11000ft and then jump out of the plane with Skydive Pretoria!

Tandems are the quickest, safest way to introduce you to freefall. After only a few minutes of instruction, you are ready to do a tandem jump. You will enjoy a 10 minute scenic ride up to the dizzying height of 11,000 ft above ground level, where you will exit the aircraft attached by harness to your instructor. Then plunge into the rush of a 40 second freefall! Once your Instructor has opened your parachute at 5,000 ft you will begin a 10 minute descent with time to take in the spectacular view while your Instructor steers you safely back to earth. Skydive Pretoria boasts South Africa's best freefall photographers, who will capture the entire experience on digita l cameras, to be edited onto a video for you. Want to learn how to skydive? Join them and their Accelerated Freefall Programme.

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Prices for a tandem jump starting from R2170

Usually on weekends but open on weekdays on request.