Enjoy some of our city's best locally brewed craft beer : Krafft Faktorie's legendary KRAFFT .33 Lager

When the team from Krafft Faktorie designed their lager they wanted an easy drinking lager with a deep golden color, not too bitter, and with fruity aromas and the malty taste of a true craft beer. It took a combination of three malts and three hop varieties to deliver their legendary KRAFFT .33 Lager. Liquid gold! Krafft .33 Lager is exclusively available on tap at the following partners: La Vie Lente Urban Farm Bistro & Venue https://www.lavielente.co.za/ Pashash Pizza Pub & Grill at the Royal Elephant Hotel & Conference Centre http://www.royalelephant.co.za/ Jack & Charlies (Harley Davidson) https://www.jackandcharlie.co.za/ Add this unique taste to your bucket list.

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