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Full moon periods in the African bush have traditionally been associated with high occurrences of poaching, and even referred to as "poacher's moon". This is a time when the bush is even, in the darkest hour of the night, so brightly lit, that you can follow the spoor of a duiker wandering about. Human presence on different privately owned rhino reserves during full moon periods proved to be a true life fun experience for many individuals. It also proved very successful with no incidents reported to date, as this also makes the informants hesitant to give whereabouts of rhino. During a "Renostermaan" weekend you are offered a first-hand introduction to the reality of what it takes to look after these magnificent animals on a daily basis. Nature lovers get to meet rhino owners in person to discuss their real-life challenges they face as well as to share their mutual love for nature. At the same time you are offered many activities over this period to ensure every individual returns back home with a worthwhile life experience you can share for many years to come.

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