See the local art at the gallery

This is a cozy and intriguiging gallery is run by two artists named Johann and Miekie. The gallery offers an eclectic mix of artworks and has several rooms that one can enjoy. The layout is interesting and the large print etch machine is awe inspiring. Miekie often hosts various art workshops spanning several genres and is a print artist herself. Johann is also very creative and also offers exhibitions year round whilst juggling several business interests and also creating his own special quirky brand of art. For the lovers of art this could be just what you need as it is the 100% quality art gallery with wooden frames of your choice. There also is a restuarant that looks trendy and cozy and surprises with its sophisticated menu and beautifully presented food. This is a very sucessfull merge of visual and tasty delights and is well worth visiting.

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082 445 3917


09:00 - 15:00